For you Learners:

Before getting down to business, it seems that telling you something about learning a foreign language is a necessary step. It is taken for granted that English is, no doubt, a very important language for it is an international means for communication. However, the issue is that, as things are nowadays here in Algeria, students don't realize its real importance because, as they claim, they don't need it or they don't like to speak it

It is assumed that you have studied good years of English, but having in mind that you are coming from different backgrounds and you have different interests, these courses are designed for you. Likewise, you will note that we have gone back to more familiar aspects and elements of Grammar just to focus on the fact of using correctly the rules learned already.

This familiar schedule tends to develop the four basic skills of learning and teaching any language, which are: listening,speaking,reading and writing. Our aim is to encourage you listen generously and communicate with proper pronunciation, stress and intonation, and at the end, to elaborate good and correct pieces of writing.

We hope that you will enjoy learning through it. Just remember that there is a big difference between doing something because, you want to or doing it because you have to and if you want to the time is now, just go!


Miss. N. Bouzourine